Needle-less Mesotherapy

Dr. Rose offers mesotherapy for joint pain, hair loss and skin rejuvenation. She uses electroporation; a device which emits an electrical pulse, to allow for deep penetration of nutrients beneath the superficial layers of the skin. Plant derived collagen, hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, b complex and customized formulas are used to achieve results. Mesotherapy can be Read More »

Laboratory Tests

Dr. Rose offers a wide range of lab tests in her office. Lab testing is important so that Dr. Rose can properly assess your case and determine your treatment plan according to the data. She may also request a copy of your most recent blood work if available. Here is a list of some tests Read More »

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM is a system of medicine that is more than 5000 years old. This holistic medical healing system is a natural and preventative approach to health care with a main focus on treating the underlying root cause of illness. Traditional Chinese Medicine includes the use of acupuncture, dietary changes and traditional Read More »

Fertility Acupuncture Services

With a team of dedicated naturopathic doctors, Dr. Rose offers on-site acupuncture support for patients undergoing fertility treatment at local Toronto fertility centres. This service is available 7 days a week. For women undergoing in vitro fertilization, some studies have shown that acupuncture immediately before and after embryo transfer may increase the chances of a Read More »

Botanical or Herbal Medicine

Botanical or Herbal medicine is the use of plants for their therapeutic value. The use of plants as medicine is the foundation of modern pharmacology. As primary health care practitioners, naturopathic doctors are trained to understand the interactions between pharmaceuticals and herbal medicines. Depending on the case, Dr. Rose often recommends the use of herbal teas, Read More »

Clinical Nutrition

Nutrition creates the foundation to a healthy mind and body. Dr. Rose will assess your nutritional status through the use of a food journal and blood work. Dietary modifications and special diets may be prescribed depending on the case. The use of nutritional supplements may be used to address nutrient deficiencies and to bring the Read More »

Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic medicine is gentle yet effective in the treatment of a variety of health conditions. This system of medicine uses minute doses of plant, animal and mineral substances according to the Law of Similars, as first described by Samuel Hahnemann. Seen as a safe treatment option for pregnant women, Dr. Rose often uses homeopathic remedies Read More »

Disease Prevention and Lifestyle Modification

It is becoming commonplace for people to seek the care of naturopathic doctors for optimizing health. In her practice, this is one of Dr. Rose’s main areas of focus. Taking into account nutrition, stress, as well as environmental and genetic influences on health, Dr. Rose helps her patients correct unhealthy habits, emphasizing self-care for increased Read More »

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