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baby-rattle-webI don’t typically share stories but I witness this so often and perhaps someone out there needs some encouragement today. Natural, holistic medicine is so amazing to me. I know that my ND colleagues can relate to this as we see this time and time again.

After months of fertility medications and intrauterine inseminations (IUIs), my patient was told by her fertility doctor that it was time to consider IVF (in vitro fertilization) as her ovarian reserve is too low to conceive naturally. Meanwhile, I soldiered on as any naturopathic doctor would and simply worked with her on nutrition and lifestyle changes including boosting up her iron stores and B12, providing herbal remedies, acupuncture as well as weekly encouragement. She emailed and said that she and her partner would be taking a break from the fertility clinic for the summer, but that she would continue with the natural treatments. A month later, I get an email that she is pregnant, naturally, no IVF nor IUI needed. Love it.

This story exemplifies what naturopathic medicine is all about. Naturopathic doctors help bring mind and body into balance. It’s not always as simple as bringing sperm and egg together. When health is optimized fertility can happen, it may just take some time. #simplesensiblehealth #naturopathy #ilovemyjob

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